On UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy, I was a designer/scripter. My duties included:

  • Scripting gameplay sequences such as interactive cutscenes, environment puzzles, etc.
  • Buddy scripting (where to go, where to look, etc)
  • Some combat (we had a dedicated combat designer for the game that did most of this)
  • Some dialogue
  • Work with writers on what characters should say to reinforce gameplay
  • Cinematics
  • Cameras
  • Hints
  • Wildlife movement to draw the eye
  • Hooking up Playstation Trophies
  • Polish the timing of everything
  • So, so much more!

Overall, I spent my time between scripting in our text-based language, using our custom level editor, and collaborating with teammates.

Chapter 8: Partners

My primary work on UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy was scripting Chapter 8 and the dramatic helicopter fight. You can view the entire level in the video below with the helicopter fight at the end (and the dramatic rope on sequence starting at 37:43!).



Chapter 9: The Gatekeeper

I scripted some of the gameplay for Chapter 9. In the video below, I scripted: 13:55 to 15:34 and 23:09 to the end.
I scripted the original prototype for the iconic elephant ride between those time frames, but in order to make the helicopter fight in Chapter 8 as spectacular as possible, I had to hand it off to another designer to refine.


Chapter 10: The Lost Legacy

I scripted some of the gameplay for Chapter 10. In the video below, I scripted the start up until 15:30.