I'm a game designer with 13+ years of professional game industry experience.
I left the AAA game industry in 2019 to move to Pittsburgh, PA and focus on smaller, independent games.
I most recently worked on The Last of Us Part II and the VR game Until You Fall.

Lately, I've been building up my indie studio, Studio Nightcap and wrapping up my first game, CRASH: Autodrive which is coming to PC and soon-to-be-announced console(s).

What Do I Do?

I focus mostly on designing, building, and scripting levels packed with fun narrative-based gameplay and exciting scripted events. I can do some system, combat, and narrative design as well. I have a penchant for making things easily accessible while still retaining fun gameplay depth.

I also lead teams and mentor other designers. I actively strive to grow my leadership skills to be a kind, considerate, well respected, and knowledgable leader.

I thrive in creative and collaborative environments where hard work and passion for making great games is valued,
and where I can leverage my strong technical background to enhance my designs and team.

Click the images below for detailed information on my showcased work!





Single-player focused projects combining gameplay and narrative. These projects were done prior to my jump to the AAA industry (probably 2011-2013).




These older projects chronicle my journey from game programmer to game designer. I performed multiple
roles and used a wide variety of technologies. They were all created at Zynga, Schell Games and Rabid Squirrel Games.

CoasterVille (2012)
Role: Game Designer
Tech: Flash, PHP
Empires & Allies (2011)
Role: Game Programmer/Designer
Tech: Flash, PHP
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online - Fishing Minigame (2010)
Role: Gameplay Programmer
Tech: Panda3D, Python
Disney's Pixie Hollow Online (2008)
Role: Game Server Programmer
Tech: Flash, Python

Waffle Queen (2010)
Role: Game Designer, Programmer, Music Composer
Tech: Cocos2D for iOS, Objective-C

pyPad360 - Gamepad Middleware (2007)
Role: Programmer
Tech: Panda3D, PyGame, Python

The Mummy Online (Unreleased)
Role: Gameplay Programmer
Tech: Unity, Photon Server, C#, Python

Action Wii Game (Unreleased)
Role: Engine Programmer
Tech: Gamebryo, C++, Lua

MMO Game for Windows LIVE (Unreleased)
Role: Engine Programmer
Tech: Trinigy Vision, C++